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Trump presidency: Third Goldman executive set to join his cabinet

Donald Trump is set to pick another Goldman Sachs executive, Gary Cohn, for his cabinet.

Week in pictures: 3-9 December 2016

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

Sex toys and erotica

It used to be a cultural taboo for a woman to ask for sexual gratification in Nigeria, but there’s a mini-revolution going on the in bedroom, writes the BBC’s Bola Mosuro.

Richard Westcott: MH370 families take lead

Families who lost loved ones on board missing Malaysian flight MH370 are driving the search for the truth.

Turning to dust

How young volunteers and social media are helping revive India’s 204-year-old Madras Literary Society.

Syria Aleppo: UN envoy urges political solution to war

A UN envoy warns Syria’s war is not confined to Aleppo and urges a political solution.

‘War on law’

John Sudworth speaks to the families of rights lawyers detained in China’s “War on Law” crackdown.

Homage to Aleppo

Throughout the long battle for Aleppo, as Syria’s most ancient city has been blasted into ruins around him, one man has worked continuously to preserve an image of the city as it once was.

Cryogenic storage offers hope for renewable energy

The world’s largest cold energy storage plant, which can act like a giant battery for renewable energy, is being commissioned at a site near Manchester.

‘Big problem’

Donald Trump says Barack Obama told him of an unspecified “big problem for the country”. What could it be? - News & Blogger © 2014
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