An intro of China Jewellery Wholesale

An intro of China Jewellery Wholesale

China is one of the earliest country that making jewelry. The jewelry culture is so complex that one should give special study in it. The writer provides you with rough ideas about Chinese ancient jewelry inside the coming articles. But this text is about main places for making and wholesaling jewelry in China.

Nowadays, the makers of same line prefer to get together in some special places for economic reasons in China. There are several top companies work as leaders, then many normal companies follow them step-by-step closely. Although them all would like to say they are among the best, that is not the truth. They don’t mean to cheat you since they really believe those are the best. However, you needs to be patient while doing business with them, then determine which ones are suitable for you.

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There almost 10,000 factories that produce and wholesale jewelries in China, exceeding 2,000,000 people working in them. Investigation data shows 45 percent are from Guangdong, 35 % from Zhejiang(mainly in Yiwu), and Shandong (mainly in Qingdao), 10 %.

Whenever you search jewelry wholesale in China, you will discover they’re mainly readily available three places, more details as the following:

1. Southern China jewelry base of Guangdong (Dongguan and Foshan ) Jewelry are designed in Dongguang city and Foshan city, but Guangzhou is the biggest place that do the wholesale and retail. There tend to be more than 1,500 factories, among which 1,453 have registered with Government (year 2009 data). Those factories will often have mature management system, with the ability of carrying out big orders. They follow the fashion trends from Hongkong, and export via Hongkong to Countries in europe, American along with other places. And so the way they’re doing clients are receiving orders with clients where are designers.

2. Southeast China jewelry base of Zhejiang & Fujian provinces (Yiwu ) Jewelry are produced in Yiwu city and Fujian, but Yiwu happens when for wholesale cheap jewelry. A large number of company with Government registration, and thousands more of scattered work ships or handicraftsmen there. They do lots of stock business. You can place small quantity orders to them with cash. They actually do business in a quick, direct and straightforward way. The values are generally less than Guangdong base, since they decrease cost by keeping guerrilla type of making. (For Yiwu jewelry market the author will probably write an in depth article in future.)

3. Qingdao of Shandong province in Northeast China. Many factories are run by Bosses from Korea. They usually like to maintain the designs and operations secretly. And many with the items are exported to abroad directly. That’s sound sort of mysterious, and i also cannot say much with that because lack of knowledge.

Hope this information is helpful for you to definitely know something aboutChina jewelry wholesale. Please take a look at the news of our site

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