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PortalTaxi.net has 2 Android Apps you can use on your cell phone.  Our site is auto set to go into mobile mode if it understands you’re using a mobile browser.  The site is built off of the wordpress platform and we are using their mobile browser when you visit our site.  If you like the way the site looks on your phone we suggest that you use our WordPress for Android App.

WordPress for Android

If you’re visiting our site with your cell phone, you’re seeing our WordPress for Android App in use.  If you would like to download the app to your phone’s home page, simply go to the very bottom of our site from your phone and click on the link that says “Now Available! Download WordPress for Android”.

The link will take you to the wordpress app at the Google Play store.  Download the free app to your phone.  When you launch the app for the first time it is going to ask you for your “Username”, “Password” and “Add Self-Hosting Site”.

Our self-hosting site address is http://www.portaltaxi.net


You will find a WordPress logo bookmark that will launch our site on your phone after you set up the app.



We also have the Appcatch Marketplace App That You Can Download To Your Phone!



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