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How To Get 100.000 REAL Twitter Followers Using An AMAZING Tool

In this video I am showing you how I got over 100.000 Twitter Followers.
I will show you the importance of using twitter account management sites like tweepi to gain a higher twitter presence. If you want to increase your social media presence you have to follow tons of people yourself.

Read more on Twitter.

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Twitter School: How To Get More Twitter Followers By Following Re-Tweeter’s

How to get more followers on Twitter (the easy way).

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Twitter School: Build Your Followers By Following Your Twitter Guru’s

One Sneaky Trick to Get More Twitter Followers.  Here’s one quick and easy trick that I use when trying to get targeted twitter followers.

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Twitter School: Secrets To Get More Twitter Followers

Are you looking for ways to get more twitter followers free? You’ve come to the right place, because that is exactly what I am going to show you how to do. Today I generate anywhere between 50-100 followers a week on twitter following a 5 simple strategies. In fact everything changed after I found the right tools and training. Read more on Twitter.

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Twiends To Twitts: How To Get More Twitter Followers

If You’re On Twitter and You’re Like Us, You Want More Twitter Followers!

 Many people use social media sites like for different reasons.  Some use it to connect with their friends or to make new friends.  Some use it to promote their business, blog, their cause or in our case we started using it to promote our – News Social Network.  So far we think it’s going to be a great platform to network with our members and promote the network.  Our Twitter account is brand new and we already have over 365 followers.  You’re invite to follow us on twitter at.

If you’re on twitter, like you we want lots of people to follow us.  So, we went searching to see how to get more twitter friends.  We went over to for the answers and they came back with this site called in their search results.  After clicking on it, we landed on a well organized and laid out site.  But, could it bring us more twitter followers as it promised?  The short answer seems to be “Yes”.  We created an account and started playing around following people like it said for us to do.  The next thing we know, we have 200 of what they call “seeds” but we also noticed we had like 65 new people following us on Twitter.  So, the long answer to this; will this grow followers to our Twitter account?  We simply don’t know yet.  They are following but will they stay followers?  Are they quality followers?  We thought about it and figured anyone who follows us and takes a minute to look at our profile is a good follower if they stay or not.  If we get 1000 new followers and 100 of them stay.. then we just got 100 new awesome people who have an interest in the network.  Who cares if the others leave.

How Does It Work?

Twiends provides introductions to people looking to develop their social network on Twitter.  They use what they call seeds to create the incentive for people to check each other out.  When you follow someone they give you seeds, and vice versa when they follow you.  You can decide how many seeds you want to offer per introduction, and when you run out you remain on the list so people can still check you out if they like.  They focusing on making the introduction, and you focus on deciding who you want to be friends with in the long run.  They are not a “get followers fast” site or a follower train.  You get to choose who you friend and they get to do the same.  The focus is community building.

You use seeds to grow your social network. You offer them to others as an incentive for them to check you out.  The site says many of these people will become long-term followers.  They can then use the seeds to do the same for their communities.  It is purely a mechanism for encouraging people to check each other out, and the site says it works really well.

If you’re already using this platform to grow your twitter account or you plan to open a new account with them, please share your comments with us about them.  Does it work for you?

You can check them out for yourself by visiting their web site at:

Source: Information and embedded logo was taken from their site.


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Twitter School: Twitter Hash Tags Are Important


I’ve only done this for a day and it worked for me!
FOLLOW ME –!/Javiworld27

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Twitter School: How to Get More Twitter Followers Free

I created an easy way for you to add at least 1000 Twitter Followers in a week. The best part is you don’t have to buy anything or subscribe to me. Just sit back and learn how to get followers on Twitter with one mouse click for free.

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