My Doberman Omar Blue is pack leader to a bunch of fierce, intelligent dogs. They have taken on the responsibility of saving and protecting abused and mistreated canines.

One day while I was sitting thinking about things I should be doing, Omar decided he needed to let me in on his big secret. He started talking to me. Not talking as we know it but I somehow understood every sound. When he finished I was both proud of him and his pack and afraid for them.

Omar said they had decided they could no longer live their happy lives knowing so many canines were being abused and mistreated. He asked me to take a walk with him to the other side of our property.

We came upon a tunnel.  I had never seen this tunnel before and I’ve lived here for many years, but there it was. I reluctantly followed my Omar knowing he would never put me in harm’s way.  Then all of a sudden I saw a bright light. We walked further and the tunnel opened into something beautiful.  A land Omar said had no other way out. There were hundreds of dogs romping and playing, as happy and healthy as could be. I noticed the puppies were grouped, like in a classroom, with a large stern looking Rottweiler in front of them. Omar said that was exactly what it was. The puppies have to be made aware of the dangers that surround them. He assured me though, most of their time was spent playing and getting into mischief, and that was good.

I later named the tunnel we’d walked through, “The K-9 Underground.” It was the canine tunnel to freedom. Omar apologized for having it so close to home but I had to agree it was the perfect place, especially since I wanted to get involved in this huge undertaking. I knew I had friends who would like to help also. What he told me next almost broke my heart.

He told me some of the situations he and his pack had physically gone in and taken these poor animals out of.  Some of the stories were too bad to repeat here. But, word had gotten out that there is a refuge for any K-9 who can get here or who can get word to The Pack that they need help.  Abusers beware!

I laid down for the evening thinking about “our” tunnel, The K-9 Underground. I fell asleep making plans.

The next morning Omar came with me to see it again. I noticed he was somewhat hesitant. When we got there I didn’t see the tunnel. We couldn’t have been that far off. I asked Omar where it was. I understood him telling me it was still there but I wouldn’t be able to see it again.

I asked how and why and found out that he had let me in on the secret only because he knew how I felt about animal abuse. He wanted me to know of the secret battle against the mistreatment of my furry friends.

I can’t work directly with my Omar but I’ll still do my part. My people partners in the fight against animal cruelty believe my story. Maybe because we need all the help we can get or maybe it’s because they’ve met my Omar Blue and can see there’s something about him…Believe it or not.


O. Warfield

Author O. Warfield sometimes wonders if it’s too late in life to start something like this. Senior citizens are supposed to be settling down, not starting up. Can’t be too late she says, “I’m having too much fun. Forget that!”
Here’s O. with Omar Blue. She has to break it to him gently that he has to go through special training if he, pack members Major Diggs and Sophie Jean (daughter Joy’s dogs) are going to become therapy dogs. They’ll be introduced at her readings. Special entertainment she takes into hospitals and facilities for children and adults with special needs and to seniors in assisted living communities. The event includes reading Omar Blue and a host of gifts and surprises. Adding the canines would take another level of enjoyment to their audience. O. Warfield says it may take a while, but they usually find a way to get things done.

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