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Police Arrest 6 Year Old Girl: Mom Ask School, Why Did You Call The Police?

As reported on, Salecia Johnson is six years old. On April 13, her teachers say she had a temper tantrum in class — but instead of putting her in time-out, the school called the police. Salecia was handcuffed, charged with battery, and kept in police custody for an hour before her parents found out what […]

Petition To Free Peace Corps Volunteer Behind Bars

As reported by, Jason Puracal is an American who’s right now fighting for his life in a Nicaraguan prison called La Modela — known to be one of the world’s most dangerous jails — after being convicted of crimes many people say he didn’t commit. Just four years earlier, in the same Nicaraguan courtroom, […]

Do Not Use or Follow TEXT ADS From Them!  – Hackers!  Publisher’s of Adware!  You should not Join their site, buy their advertising  or click on their text ads. When you purchase advertising and put your ads on a site or blog you are doing business with them.  When you put those ads on a web site or in a blog with out […]

Andrew Breitbart, Your Bell is Tolling

“. . . . it has become an understood thing that no one can live by his talents or knowledge who is not ready to prostitute those talents and that knowledge to betray his species, and prey upon his fellowman.” — William Hazlitt, “On the Pleasure of Hating” Andrew Breitbart is dead at the age […]

No Turkey For Target Employees

As Reported by, While most of America will be sleeping off a belly full of turkey, stuffing, and pie next Thursday night, 29-year-old Anthony Hardwick will be waking up for a long night of work. That’s because Anthony has to report for his shift at a Target store in Omaha, Nebraska on Thanksgiving night. […] - News & Blogger © 2014

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