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RSS Feed Information For My Web Site or Blog!

What Is An RSS FEED? RSS (Rich Site Summary); originally RDF Site Summary; often dubbed Really Simple Syndication, uses a family of standard web feed formats[2] to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video. An RSS document (called “feed”, “web feed”,[3] or “channel”) includes full or summarized text, and metadata, like publishing […]

How To Make Home Made Laundry Soap

I was watching my local news when they had a special about “ways to save money at home”. They had a topic on how to make home made laundry soap and a bunch of other cleaning products. I decided I would give the laundry soap a try.  They said you could make enough soap to do your […]

BORAX: 115 Years of Cleaning and Fixing Problems

What is Borax? Good question!  It’s been around for over 115 years and I never heard of it until about 6 months ago.  I came across a homemade recipe for laundry soap and it called for Borax.  So, I went searching for some Borax.  After finding it at a local store, I used it to […]

Would You Have A Bengal Tiger As A Pet?

A couple in Brakpan, South Africa has 14 dogs and a Bengal Tiger as their house pets.  That’s  right I said a Bengal Tiger.  Ok, are they crazy?  No.. they just really seem to love their little kitty.  Well,  he is not so little any more.  Check out this Youtube video I found of Michael Jamison and […]

Dinner Tonight: Baked Scalloped Potatoes

Are you looking for a quick dinner for tonight?  Here is something! 5-6 thinly sliced potatoes 3 tablespoons butter 3 tablespoons flour 1 1/2 cups milk 1 teaspoon salt 1 dash cayenne pepper 1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese 1/2 cup grated cheese , to sprinkle on top Dash of Paprika In a small sauce pan, melt […]


One of my favorite dinners that Mom use to always make.  Does it bring back memories?   1 Bag of wide egg noodles 2 (6 oz.) can tuna fish, drained 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1/2 can milk 1/2 tsp. salt Dash of pepper 1/4 tsp. paprika 1/4 cup breadcrumbs   Cook and drain noodles […]

The Trucks That Helped Build The Chevrolet Brand

A very interesting video posted by Chevy on their channel.  100 years after the brand’s inception, Chevrolet looks back at the trucks that have made a global impact. Source:

Did You Know We Can Help You Build A Web Site For Your Business? offers professional web hosting services for both individuals and enterprises. Depending on the number of websites you need to host, you can choose between a variety of web hosting packages, each one carefully prepared according to your needs. Many of our web site packages come with a free domain name for the first year. […]

Iceberg Flips Over As Boat Passes

What would you do if you where in a boat passing an iceberg and all of a sudden that iceberg started to sink and then it flipped over?  Probably have a heart attach, but not youtube user osibaruch.  They pulled out their camera and started filming. A catamaran just happen to be passing by a Upsala Glacier on Argentino Lake […] - News & Blogger © 2014

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