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How To Build Your Own RSS Feeds For Your Web Site

Many web site platforms or site builders offer ways for you to add other rss feeds on your web site, but they might not have the ability to create feeds for your own sites. There is one site that I found that will offer the ability for you to Build Your Own RSS Feed! .  You have to manually […]

Connect With Us On Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and via RSS

Our Facebook is new.. please follow us at We are on Twitter at:!/portaltaxi You can find us on MySpace at: and you can follow us via our RSS Feed at: and of course.. on our site.. just be making a profile here!  

Home Remedies For Scabies

A good friend of mine was getting a rash over his entire body. He went to the doctors and they thought he had chickenpox. They tested him for chickenpox but it came back negative.  After running some more test they figured out he had scabies.  He asked me if I knew what it was. I […]

Learn How To Record Your Computer Screen

Have you ever wondered how people record their computer screen and turn it into a video. I did, so I went to the best place I knew to get the answer.  Where?  The internet of course.. lol. If this is something that you want to know how to do, you will find info here: I […]

Remembering 9/11 (Will You?) has created a video network titled “Remembering 9/11“.  It is a tribute of remembrance and honor to the men, women, and children killed in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Anyone is welcome to submit videos about 9/11.  To keep the site fresh, the network is set up to hold up to 200 videos […]

Do You Want To Blog On Our Site?

Its easy.. just make a free profile on and share you blogs with our readers. Yes, it is that simply.  You can blog about almost anything.. just pick a topic. Happy Blogging!              

Are Your Reading Our AdPost Classifieds?

Do you like Craigs List?  If you do you will like our PortalTaxi Ad Post.   With our Classifieds you can Post and find free classified ads. You can even add photos to your ads. Find houses and apartments for rent, a new roommate, personals, jobs, cats and dogs. A date.  All kinds of stuff […]

Tips For Staying Safe Online!

 Staying safe on line is important to us all.  One of the best ways to stay safe is to have a good password and to change your password often.  When creating your password avoid dictionary words, familiar names, phone number, things important to you, etc.  They are the easiest for people to guess.  It is best to use a combination of […]

Blog Headers For Free Download

If you’re in need of a awesome looking header for your blog or web site, we found a site called that had a contest a couple years ago asking their readers to help create a gallery of blog header graphics which any designer could use for free and without restrictions whatsoever.  You will find the headers that won […] - News & Blogger © 2014

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