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Did you know you can submit free press releases to  Yes, that is right you can submit and distribute your press release for free.  You will find that most of our news services are free.  We do have some premium feature, however you will find they are very economical to use.

Submitting press release will help you get more traffic to your site.  When you submit a press release online, you are providing valuable traffic to your website.  People who find your press release often find it though search engines, so they are looking for what your marketing or promoting.

If you’re looking for ways to get new customers, submitting press release is a great way to do just that.  If you saying I want to submit my press release and get my news out.  Post it on our news wire and press release site and let us help get your news out to the public.

You can submit your news to us as often as you wish.  You can even submit your blog.  You can check out all our news at:

Submit Your Press Release To Our Site Now

Publicity generated by press releases is free, and often the coverage is far more extensive than anything you could have hoped to say in an ad.  So it is a perfect way to get your news out.

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Wekihow states, A press release, also known as a news release, is simply a written statement to the media. They can announce a range of news items: scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, etc. They can also be used in generating a feature story. Reporters are more likely to consider a story idea if they first receive a release. It is a fundamental tool of PR work, one that anyone who’s willing to use the proper format can use. You can visit there site for tips on writing press release at:    Are you looking for more tips on how to write a press release?   Check out  They also have sample press release.  So if you want to know how to write a press release that is a good place to start.  We have lot of tips on how to write a proper press release.

Self promotion plays a big part in the success of any business.

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Your goal should be to attract favorable media attention.


Ultimate Linings Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Ultimate Linings has been assessed by ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. and found to be in conformance with the requirements set forth by: ISO 9001:2008 The Quality Management System is applicable to: MARKETING, SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF HIGH QUALITY POLYURETHANE, POLYUREA AND HYBRID PRODUCTS FOR VARIOUS INDUSTRIAL COATINGS REQUIREMENTS.

Ultimate Linings has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. This prestigious certificate is recognised worldwide and is a reward for the company’s total commitment to provide a first class service to all our customers. For almost 20 years, Ultimate Linings has been a leading provider of bed liner and industrial coatings. Ultimate Linings excels in the industry by providing high quality polyurethane, polyurea, and hybrid products for industrial coating solutions.Ultimate Linings industrial product formulations offer solutions for abrasion resistance, water proof coatings, Protective Coatings, hazardous materials containment energy, Epoxy Coatings, chemical resistance, floor Coating, energy efficient insulation, structural reinforcement, corrosion resistance, fire retardant and thermal barrier coatings. Currently, we are operating throughout the United States and the world, adding international dealers and distributors to our family. Ultimate Linings currently operates in over 30 countries worldwide.Ultimate Linings has continued to experience solid growth every year and has expanded its applicator network to include key OEM and industrial accounts. Our company provides the sprayed-on lining market strong support from the Research & Development, Technical, Sales and Marketing Departments. Ultimate Linings is continuously introducing technological advancements in equipment and specialty formulations to meet the needs of an expanding marketplace.

Ultimate Linings Ltd.
6630 Roxburgh Ave #175
Houston, Texas, 77041
Fax No. : (713)937-0052
Toll Free 800 989-9869 Now Readable In 64 Languages To Strengthen It Global Reach

( – a global source for LGBT news and entertainment has launched two of its networks to be readable in 64 languages.  The Gay Media and Press Network and it’s new Connect Social Network.

The sites main languages is English, however it can now be read in Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh and Yiddish. decided to launch the translation tool on its networks that receive a lot of international visits.  Over the years it has seen many users from oversees.  Its networks getting the service as mentioned above, include it’s Connect Social Network and it’s Gay Media and Press Network.

The – Gay Media and Press Network is a network for gay media professionals from around the world. The media professionals are able to interact, share news stories and find material for their lgbt media publications. They are able to post press releases, stories and gay headlines for syndication to other gay and lgbt publications.

The web site recently turned 12 years old and they redesigned the inter working of the site to celebrate.  This added its new – Connect Social Network.  The new area of the site offers a gay social network and gay blogger all in one.  The site takes several features that many mainstream networks use and create their combination of all of them.  The social network area includes a LGBT Music Center, LGBT Business Directory, Gay Events and more. is using the Google Translate service that provides instant translations between 64 different languages. It can translate words, sentences and web pages between any combination of supported languages.

About A resource for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.  It has gay dating, chat, blogs, music, video, classifieds, news, and entertainment.  It offers the community low cost gay internet access, gay website hosting and website design.  It also publishes sister networks and

You can find the home page at

Media Provided by the – Gay Media and Press Network



Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Stop opposing a law prohibiting companies from renting out recalled cars

Reported by, Cally Houck’s two daughters, Raechel and Jacquie, rented a PT Cruiser from Enterprise Rent-a-Car in 2004. What they didn’t know about their car was it had been recalled for serious safety problems a month earlier, and that Enterprise didn’t fix the car.

Raechel and Jacquie’s rental car caught on fire because of the very issue that prompted the recall. The young women crashed their fiery car into a tractor-trailer, killing them both.

In just a matter of days, Congress is set to consider a new law that would force rental car companies to fix recalled cars, but Enterprise Rent-a-Car is lobbying against it — and hard. Enterprise’s opposition could block the bill, allowing Enterprise to continue to ignore car recalls like the one that killed Cally Houck’s daughters.

Cally Houck has dedicated herself to making sure that rental car companies fix recalled vehicles so no other parent loses her daughters to rental cars that are known to be unsafe. She says it’s critical to stop Enterprise’s opposition now, before they kill the law. Cally started a petition on asking Enterprise Rent-a-Car CEO Andrew Taylor to stop opposing the law to force rental car companies to repair recalled vehicles.

Click here to add your name to Cally’s petition.

These two young women weren’t the first to die from rental cars under recall, and they weren’t the last, according to a USA Today report this weekend. Despite knowing the risks, companies like Enterprise choose to keep unsafe cars on the road.

When a vehicle is recalled because of safety or performance issues, the government says all vehicles should be fixed immediately. That why car dealerships aren’t allowed to sell new or used cars under recall that haven’t yet been fixed.

For Cally, it’s hard to imagine why rental car companies would be okay with renting cars that they knew to be unsafe. Before her daughters rented the car that killed them, three other customers had rented it from Enterprise after the safety recall.

There is hope — Hertz, a major rental car company, bucked its competitors and is actually supporting this new law. Cally hopes that by calling attention to Hertz’s willingness to protect its customers — and by showing that Enterprise is willing to let customers drive what she calls “ticking time bombs” like the one that killed her daughters — Enterprise will stop opposing this law.

Click here to add your name to Cally Houck’s petition on asking Enterprise Rent-a-Car to stop opposing a law to protect drivers from renting recalled cars.

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