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Submit Free Press Releases

Submit Your Press Release To Our Site Now Did you know you can submit free press releases to  Yes, that is right you can submit and distribute your press release for free.  You will find that most of our news services are free.  We do have some premium feature, however you will find they […]

Mushroom Cloud over Beijing, China

Does this look like it was caused from some straw burning to you?  This is a youtube video posted today reportedly of a Mushroom Cloud over Beijing, China.  I am not sure when it actually happen but I read it was some time this week. After reading an article on the internet, I found this youtube video posted today of a Mushroom Cloud […]

You Don’t Mess With My Heart (Komen et al)

This post is in part about the Komen debacle;  if you aren’t familiar with it, start here. Otherwise read on: See this? This is my heart. My HEART. Although this is just one of my three children, for the sake of this post, it doesn’t matter which. Let this baby stand for them all. My children, […] - News & Blogger © 2014

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