Eastenders to have new Trans storyline

(GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network) - Posted by mysocalledgaylife.com He told a packed audience at the University of Westminster, who hosted the event: “I am planning to [write a trans storyline]. Pen hasn’t hit paper yet but research is in the planning.” Treadwell-Collins announced the plans during the events Representation in Film and TV discussion, which also featured Emmerdales Alicia Eyo, Waterloo Road’s Heather Peace and Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black. Although he said that writing hadn’t started he admitted he thought: “The power of Eastenders is that we can change the world a little.” The producer, who’s just finished #EELive, said that he would be keen to cast a transgender actor into the role. Paris Lees, a trans activist, said: “It’s more authentic for a trans person to play a trans character.” She also told Treadwell-Collins she would hold him to his plans. Collins does realise that there would be some challenges in such a storyline. Talking about Eddie Redmayne’s new role in the Danish Girl he said: “We have to be very, very careful about what we say. With Eastenders you’re preaching to a lot of people who don’t want to hear it [about LGBT issues].” Student Pride is an annual event which this year celebrated its tenth anniversary. It was hosted at the University of Westminster, Marylebone, for the second year running. The post appeared first on Eastenders to have new Trans storyline . Media Provided by the GayWebSource.com - Gay News & Press Network.
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