First Responders

First Responders

One thing all Cabin Attendants, Cabin Crew and/or Flight Attendants in the world share, is airline management and passengers lack of real understanding of their job functions.

The job has evolved during the years, and world events added to the workload. 9/11 brought additional security responsibilities and functions. Probably, technology is responsible for the greatest amount of aggravation in the cabin; our personal devotion and attachment to our personal mobiles and smart devices surpasses our care for our safety or the safety of others.

Cabin Attendants, Cabin Crew and/or Flight Attendants have functions that go beyond service, which everybody seems to think is “what it is all about”. Certainly they are the face and the image of the airline.


Basically, they are your first responders, cable operator, meals on wheels and social services all bundled up in one. They are supposed to take care of all:


– medical emergencies,
– fires on board,
– unruly passengers and security issues,
– listen to incessant complaints and demands
– resolve all IFE and connectivity issues and
– deliver food and beverages.

All of the above with a smile.

A little appreciation will go a long way.

This first appeared on Oussama’s Take
Oussama's Take

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