Gamers Life: Kings First Post

Gamers Life: Kings First Post

Hello world I Welcome you to KING Of Swords a gamers life.  I am a humble gamer who much like the rest of you enjoys playing games.  My Xboxlive name is kingofswords1981.  I might not be the best gamer but I do put some playtime in when I can.  Which brings me to the point of this site.  Im sure that many of you have sat and spent hour after hour grinding those xbox live controllers till your fingers start to bleed to get that intense high of achieving either an Insane Gamer score, that Perfect game or Kill Streak.  The problem is that after everything is said and done you’re the only one that sees it.  I thought wouldn’t it be great if there was a website that was dedicated to showing off the best gamers around.  My idea was make a site that is dedicated to other peoples gaming milestones.  What fun is being number one if no one knows about it?  Yes you can upload it to youtube and get a couple of hits which is great, but youtube isn’t run by a fellow gamer its run by some fat cats that only care about making their own money.  King Of Swords is dedicated strictly to gamers for gamers by a fellow gamer.  Plus you want your video side by side with videos like chocolate rain or Timmy goes to the dentist?  Right now this idea is just starting to be born with this free site.  I don’t have the funding to purchase a domain name so what I need right now are viewers.  Rest assured that once I can come up with the funds for this site the content will be much much better.  Ill be able to upload videos and stream much better content and have a much higher bandwidth.  So fellow gamers unite and take your places so that one gamers idea can be many gamers 15 mins of fame.  You could be the King Of The Hill.

My Website is

king of swords a gamers life

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