God Gave You A Head To Think With and A Butt To Sit On

Heads You Win and Tell You Lose!

Wow, what a true saying!  Plus it makes me laugh when I read it.. lol.  Does it not seem like 99% of people think the world owes them something.  They sit on their butt and say give me, give me more.

You will never get any where by sitting on your butt and waiting for others to give it to you.  Get off your butt and make it happen.  A mighty oak tree was not always mighty.  It started out as a seedling and grew to the might oak.  But where did it start?  As a small seed.  It had to fight its way though the dirt and rock to finally make it to the surface.  Then what happens, it gets hit with winds, rain and some time snow.  All kind of storms.

It had to work to become that might oak, and so do you!  Do you feel like you are in a rut? There is only one way to get out of it.  To plan your way out.  What to you what different then what you have right now?  First you need to figure that out.  What do you want from your life.  Now you need to make a plan to get there.  Start with small steps.  One step at a time.  It time your long walk will make you into a might oak.  You will find set backs along the way.  Every oak does.  Remember the dirt, rocks, wind and rain the other oaks had to overcome.  You will get over the obstacles that hit your path.  Some times you need to learn a different way around them : )  But I know you can be a mighty oak.  This is one of my stepping stones to become one.  I am not there yet either.


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