Have You Check Out Our Video Center?

Have You Check Out Our Video Center?

We love cool videos.  So we have pick a couple topics and built a video center around them.  You can join each video center.  As a member you will be able to submit video to the site and comment on videos that have been posted to the site.  Here is how it works.  We want to keep the site fresh.  So, we post the last 200 videos submitted to us to the site.  In this way there will be fresh content on the site and we remove old content.

If you love watching funny commercials, we have built a site that you are going to think is really cool.  It is located at http://portaltaxitv.magnify.net .

Maybe you love watching stupid people lip sync.. : )  We have something for that to.  It is at:  http://portaltaxi.comtv-thebestmusiclipsyncs.magnify.net

If you have content that you think would be a good match for the video center you are welcome to submit it.  All video will have to be approved by an editor before it gets posted.  That way we know the video is relevant to the video center and not spam.  You can even become one of our site editors.  You do not get paid to be one, but its fun.  You can interact with the membership and moderate the content on the site.  We would also permit you to use the site to promote your own site or business.  Contact us if your interested in becoming a editor.

We have lots more video centers coming.  Keep watch in the top menu under the video link for them.  In the mean time here is a video center about 911 that you might find interesting.  http://portaltaxi.com-remembering9-11.magnify.net




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