Have You Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Social Network Or Dating Site?

Have You Ever Wanted To Start Your Own Social Network Or Dating Site?

If you have ever wanted to own and run your very own social network or dating site we have the solution for you.   We will give you the tools to build  just that.  The best part is we will give it to you for free.  Why would we give it to you for free?  Because we will make money from the site, as will you.  That is if you put the time into the site to market it and grow its membership.  I am not going to say you will make $100’s, $1,000’s, or $10,000’s of dollars.  I can’t say how much you will make.  I have no idea.  It all depends on how well you market your network and run your business.  However, we will give you the tools you need to do just.  And it will cost you nothing, unless you decided to spend money to advertise and market your site.  There are also a lot of free ways to market your site though.  Like any business the more time and money you put into it the more you will get out of it.

In case you did not know PortalTaxi.com is published by Pittsburgh Web Source.  PortalTaxi.com is one of our brands.  The name of our social – dating network brand is Dating Factory by Pittsburgh Web Source.  It can be found on the web at:  www.portaltaxi.net .

We offer a full range of white label dating solutions. Use one of our template websites available in 13 languages and growing all the time, however if you have an established brand we will work with you to design your own. Address any niche you can imagine, we have many up and ready to go but will put a new one together for you in days.

You can have a fully functional site up and running in less than 5 minutes!  Dating Factory provides a great choice of pre-designed websites with full html editing facilities as well as internal pages customization.  Easy CSS editing and file uploading. Use sub-domains on any of our websites or use your own domain.

You can run your own advertising on the network.  You can link it to your current site.  You can brand it to make it your own.  The best part is we do not charge you to do this like some other sites do.  We want the site to make money.  If the site makes money then you will make money and we will make money.  So we give you all the tools we can to make this the best site and can be.

Learn more here: www.portaltaxi.net

or sign up here:  http://www.portaltaxi.net/id17.html




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