How To Build Your Own RSS Feeds For Your Web Site

How To Build Your Own RSS Feeds For Your Web Site

Many web site platforms or site builders offer ways for you to add other rss feeds on your web site, but they might not have the ability to create feeds for your own sites.

There is one site that I found that will offer the ability for you to Build Your Own RSS Feed! .  You have to manually add each post to your feed but it will give you the ability to have your own rss feeds.  Check out

What is RSS?  RSS is an abbreviation of either Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary; it depends who you talk to. RSS is the new standard for distributing news and information via the Internet. The information is published via RSS News Feeds.  For publishers, RSS is a great way to present information such as news, headlines, or updates. If you have information to share, RSS is the answer! And the nice thing is that making your own RSS feeds is very simple! With RSS Builder it is even simpler.

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