If you where sent to this page your IP or e-mail address has been reported as Spam!

If You’r A Spammer! – We pre-approve all new accounts so please stop making spam accounts.

We have been getting 1000′s of accounts being created to post spam.  This makes it hard to get real accounts approved in a timely manner.  So, we have installed a plugin that auto blocks an ISP who appears to be spam.  Unfortunately some people may get blocked who should not be.

Reported As A Spammer? But you’re not?

We are sorry if you have been reported as a spammer, if you’re not.   Don’t worry we can still get you in.  Send us an email with your information and we will help manually open your account.   support @ portal taxi . net (No Spaces)

If you’re already a member and have use the site before just email us with your username and we will work on getting your ISP on our white list so you will not get locked out again.

If your a new User, Copy and paste this info into your email to us:

You can add more info into your email.. but please make sure you have this info so we know what you need help with.



I would like to open an account at PortalTaxi.net/News .

My email or isp was reported as a spammer and I promises I am not.

My full name is:

I would like my username to be:

My City / State / Country:

A short bio for your page:

How did you find our site?

My ISP Address: (Read bottom of page)


We will email you back with a password once we have your account set up.  Please note we can normally get back to you within a day or two, however it could be a few days depending how many emails we have received.  This is not auto generated.. we personally e-mail you back.

You must upload a photo and complete your profile page once your account has been created.


What Is Your ISP Address? We may need your isp address. Your ISP has most likely been blocked so we need to know what it is, to unblock it.  To get your isp address, go to google and type in “what is my isp” and a bunch of links will pop up for sites that let you check.  It will look some thing like this:  71.840.3.93 Could have more or less numbers.  Here is a link to a site where you check check it. http://whatismyipaddress.com/  It’s the first one that popped up when I googled.

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