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To submit news or Press release you must first register and then sign-in to your account.  Only one account per person or business is permitted.  You can post as often as you like.
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however you can only have 25 press release published at one time, unless you have permission from us to do so.  They must be in press release / news headline format.  If it is not, it will be rejected.  Your post can only have two links within it.  Your post must include your contact info at the bottom.  (Your name, Phone and or E-mail address).  Your post will have to be approved by one of our editors before it goes live.  We review post within 14-60 days depending on how busy we are.  We do not promise a publish date.  It will get published when we get to it.  Post must be relevant to our site and can not contain advertising banners or it will not be approved.  We will not publish spam and we will ban you from the site if you post it.  We do not promises all post will be published. 


If you syndicate your publications rss feed your post will get auto posted and do not have to be pre-approved.  See top menu for info.

You can not post the same article on our site twice, however you can delete and re-post it.  There is an easy way to do this.  All you have to do is go into the post you already have up and change the publish date.  You can also set a publishes date in the future.

Publishing Rules and Terms

1.  Please start your post like this:

TYPE YOUR CITY HERE ( – Then start typing your post here.

At the bottom under your post please add this:

Media Contact:  Add your name (email and or phone here).

This media is provided by

*** If you do not add this your post will be deleted. ***

2.  You are responsible for anything you post on this site. does not endorse or sponsor your post.

3.  Do Not Post the same post more then once.

4.  Do not post any news, press releases, blogs or any media that contains pornographic materials, illegal activity, press that promotes hatred, violence, prejudism, terrorism or anything we deem that the majority of the public would feel is unethical.  At our discretion you  could be warned, suspended or banned from the site for doing so.  Illegal activities we find or our reported to us will be reported to the authorities.

5. does not review every post to the site.  We do spot checks.  As a user of our site you agree to help by reporting any media you find that is illegal or anything  that the majority of the public would feel is unethical.

6. Older post get deleted to keep the site fresh.  There is no time frame we use to delete older content and we do not notify you when we do.  It could be weeks to months.  It depends on how much content is submitted to the site.  You can always re-post.  It is better you keep your content fresh anyway.



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