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If you publish an rss feed for your blog or publication we can included it in our news or blog feeds.  If you would like us to syndicate your news or blog please leave us a comment below after you read this page.
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Please Read All Of This Before Sending Us Your RSS Feed!

 1. Your rss feed MUST post your Entire article and not just a summary of each post. <= (Read That Again!)

We need to be able to publish your entire post on our site so that it is available for syndication to our print media partners.  When we send your rss back out though our rss system, in most cases we summarize our feeds and link them back to your post on our site.  On full text post, we do our best to auto insert link backs to your page and our site. If you need a feed to summarize for your own needs.. I would suggest setting your original feed to post your entire post and then use from google to make another feed that you can summarize.  That is what we do.  If you need help with it, just ask.
2. Your feed must be original content that you or your team wrote or you have permission to syndicate what you publish in your rss feed.  Don’t brake any copywrites.  Your responsible for what you publish in your feed.  It links back to you!
3. Your content will be available for syndication to our membership to use in Print or Web Publications and it will link back to your page on  We link your post back to your profile page on, so please make sure you complete your profile and upload your logo as your default pic.  Also make sure you add your web site address and social media account addresses to your profile page.  You want the readers to be able to find you.You must have an account with us for us to add your rss feed.  If you have not made a page yet, you will find a link in the right column to register for the site.  You can still add your rss feed below however we will not publish your feed until your account has been opened and your profile page is complete.  You understand and agree that the content you supply to us in your feed is available to our members for syndication, as long as the member follows our rules for re-publishing our content.  This works the same way as if you where to post your article manually.  Your content must meet our site theme, meaning that you post “news of blog type content” and it can not contain adult content.  We will not publish advertisements.
As one of our rss Media partners you must place a News Logo on your web site.  You can use any of our logos and add a caption that you’re a Media Partner.  You can copy our logo from this site or contact us if you need help with this and we can email it to you.  If you’re not going to promote us, please don’t expect us to publish your news.
To Add Your RSS Feed:
Please leave us a comment below with the address of your feed.  Please also look in our news categories and tell us what category we should publish your feed under.  Please pick only one.
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