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Are you looking for tips and tricks for building your web site or blog?  This is the place to be.  You can read our articles, network with other web masters and we will show you the tools we used to build PortalTaxi.net.  You can even contribute to our Web Master Central Network.  Write a post for the page and share your knowledge!

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You can add a post to this page if it is meant to help, teach and network with other web masters.  That is the only way we will except your post.  This is not a place for you to try to advertise your blog or site.   To post here go to our blog area (use link provided) and post your article as a blog.  In the categories box on the right column look for the list of Internet and web site blogs.  Check off the one (1) that covers what your posting.  Do not check them all.  Pick one.  See the Post menu above that is what you’re looking for.  Post Something Here Now >

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PortalTaxi.net Web Hosting – In case you did not know we are also a web site hosting company.  Our hosting packages start at $4.99 per month.  It comes with many one click installs like wordpress, joomla and more.  Read our site for updated information.  portaltaxi.duoservers.com  You can even become a re-seller of our hosting services.

PortalTaxi.net Dating Factory – Would you like to add a personals or members area to your current web site or build your own dating site in as little as a day.  And it’s Free for you to do so.  Why is it free?  Because it is a premium membership site where we charge your members for some of its features.  You get a % of what is charged to your users.  You can learn more at our site.  It is free so give it a try and check out the type of sites you can build.  If you don’t like it close the account.  If you would like so see an example of the type of sites you could have… there are many niche types but here are just two examples..  my.portaltaxi.com and gayspacenetwork.com  you can make a general site or one of all most any type niche.  Learn More Now >  portaltaxi.net/pt-datingfactory

Press Releases And Blogs For Your Site or Page!

If you need to promote your site or blog, your more then welcome to use PortalTaxi.net – Press Release and Blogs.  Write a press release or blog and get your words out.  Let us know what your building, creating and promoting.  Make it professional and make PortalTaxi.net work for you.

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You’re welcome to use our rss feed to publish our internet / web site news to your site or blog if you follow our rules.  You must post a link to your page in our comment section below as to where you’re using the feed.  You must also link the post back to our site and give us credit for it.  


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