Would You Have A Bengal Tiger As A Pet?

Would You Have A Bengal Tiger As A Pet?

A couple in Brakpan, South Africa has 14 dogs and a Bengal Tiger as their house pets.  That’s  right I said a Bengal Tiger.  Ok, are they crazy?  No.. they just really seem to love their little kitty.  Well,  he is not so little any more.  Check out this Youtube video I found of Michael Jamison and Jackie Smit playing with their kitty.  According to the information in the video the couple got him as a nine week old tiger cub and he has been living in their home with them ever since.  Watch the kitty’s entrance in this video.  Just that would be enough to scare the crap out of me.. lol

So what do you think about people who keep wild animals as house pets?  Would you have one or do you think they are making a foolish mistake?  What type of animal would you have?

Source: http://youtu.be/OXEp5QvvG1w


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