You Thought You Had Bad Parents: Baby Playing With Real Snake

We have no idea if this is real or not, but it sure looks real.  In this video you will see a toddler playing with what seems to be a cobra snake.  The snake takes a couple bits at the child.  And the parents let this happen?  In the USA you could be put in jail for leaving your child in a car to long?  I wonder what would happen to you if you let one of your children do this?

This video was found on  The video publisher states: “Children in snake catchers families in Srikakulam district of Andhrapradesh play with dangerous snakes. These people are very poor to purchase toys, so that they give snakes as toys to their children to play.”

A reader ask the video publisher:

  • do they remove the fangs ?

    He answered: “yes, they remove the fangs.”

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