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My Name: Bison Musik

MY PortalTaxi.net Music Page Address: http://www.portaltaxi.net/music/members/bisonmusik

My Twitter Address: @BisonMusik

I have 713 Twitter Followers. Please Follow me so I can get even more.

About my music: Conscious Hip Hop that incorporates multiple genres of music. Notable CD’s “Event Horizon” (2013) & “Precincts Of Thought” (2009).Available on Amazon.com & iTunes. Bison Featured on mix tapes in the U.K Began in 1999 in the group D.O.G. Appeared on the nationwide Compilation “Arizona Heat Vol. 2” Has played in the band crowscron (keyboards/Bass).

My Hobbies: Poetry, Reading, Movies & Graphic design

My Web Site: www.reverbnation.com/bisonmusik

My Facebook: www.Facebook.com/bison.musik

Why Should People Follow You? I offer music with depth, artistic integrity & Diversity. I am accessible via DM and I follow back and RT all interactions.

Will you follow the people back who follow you? Most Definitely

Your Music Could Be Featured To: http://www.portaltaxi.net/music/twitter-features/


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