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support @ portal taxi. net (no spaces)  Only contact us via email for support or problem issues.  If you have a question how something on the site works follow the link above to our “Help / How To” group.  All else please contact us via the site using the link above to our profile page. IF YOU ARE A MEMBER PLEASE CONTACT US VIA THE SITE. YOU WILL GET A FASTER RESPONSE. WE CHECK EMAILS HERE more OFTEN THEN DIRECT EMAIL.


Copyright Issues:  If you have a copyright issue with something posted directly on the site please contact us directly and we will remove the content and suspend the user who posted it.  You must show proof of ownership.  All content on our site is posted or submitted by artist who are members of our music social network.  Our terms state members / artist can not post content they do not own or hold copyright license.

If the issue pertains to an embedded player from a 3 party platform such as, or other such platform, contact that platform directly, as we do not have control over their platform.


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  1. Andrew Pearson

    6:43 PM (0 minutes ago)



    How do I get back to the music player that was posted? If I go to “add music player “, which is the only reference to music player that I see on the site, it takes me back to a blank player, so I cannot review/refine my player info . Also, I have filled out the “short bio” area three times now and it doesn’t seem to take, (I DID see the instructions saying it was required and if I didn’t do it you would throw my stuff out etc etc etc) so I don’t know what I am doing wrong there either. As what constitutes a press release, I am still in the dark. (Other than it’s “not a note to my brother”. Got that.) I have many of them and they are posted all over the web, so this shouldn’t be so difficult. It’s too bad as I would really like to get stuff on your site, but every step is convoluted with no clear instructions. I know the site is new and is being fine tuned so I hope that the problems I am encountering help you in refining the platform. I am not the world’s most tech savvy musician, but I am not a Luddite either. I use computers to play music, record music, build websites, edit videos, refine artwork, track intricate financial metrics, even fly airplanes. I am not dumb. So please don’t take this the wrong way but if I am having significant problems with your site (and we are agreed on that, yes?) then you can bet there are a lot of others out there who are encountering the same. Most will have just dumped it as being too much trouble and you will be none the wiser, but alas, not me. Now if this is intentional (separate the wheat from the chaff?) and designed to set a benchmark for submissions, I think it is misguided. Sure, there are many tossers out there who shouldn’t waste your time (or mine) but superfluency in html jargon does NOT demonstrate creative validity. Lack of it does not indicate a lack of the same either.

    Let me know if my bio satisfied the requirements and we can go live and hopefully progress a little. I will keep asking questions if you keep providing the answers!

    Thanks for your help,


    1. Your post is in draft..

      so go the the top left corner of the site where it says “ – Indie Music” hover over it and a sub menu will appear. click on Dashboard. On the next page in the left column look for Posts. You can click on all post and edit your post that is in draft or pending from there.

      If it is a live post it is much easier to edit. Go to your profile page and look in your activity for your post and you can go to the live post. Under a live post you will find an edit button to edit it.

      You can also go to your username here

      and it will list all your live post.

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