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Here we post credits and thank people who have help us in some way with the site.



Image / Photo Credits

Here we post photo credits for images and photos we have used on the site.  We always try to post a credit with the post if we can.  At times we may not be able to because of the way our site is build.  Because of that we have a link at the bottom of ever page (even pages images are not on) of this site that links back to this page.  Thank you for letting us use your services.


We like the web site a lot and we highly recommend them to you.  Many of the links to the photos below are use within our site.  We tried to give them all credit where we are using them but wanted to credit them here also.  Because we really like there service.  Many of the link below are being use on our site and some of the link we are not using yet.. but we posted them because we like the image and may use it in the future.  But any how.. be sure to check them out.

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