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Notice: By Default Fans can not post blogs.  Only artist and labels can.  If you try you will get an error message.  If you’re a fan and  want to blog contact us directly and we may give you permission.


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Your Blog Must Be A Couple Paragraphs Long and it Must Read Like Something Your Would Find In A Magazine.  It must be about a music topic or your opinion about something in the music field.  The blog area is not a place to write your bio.. it is a place to write about an event that your involved in.  Answer who, what, where, why and how.

Start Your Blog Like This:

Music Blog: Add The Title Of Your Blog

( – start writing your blog..  make it a couple paragraphs long.


Do you want to start a music blog.. go for it.


Do you want to blog about a music event that you have coming up?

This  is a good the place to do it.

Please make sure your blog is not just advertising something or it will not be approved.  It has to be about your music event or a music topic that you like.  It can not be a couple sentence.. that is not a blog.  That is a status message.

Is Your Post A Status Message Like Some Thing You Would Post On Facebook?

You can post status messages here.

Keep it on a topic and in blog format or we will reject your post.  It needs to be a couple paragraphs long and read like something you would read in a magazine.

You should also add a link to your Portal Taxi music profile page, that way readers can see what else you have posted.

Anything you post on our music site will also show up on

Do not post your blogs in the comment area below.  It’s for asking questions about posting blogs.




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