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Notice: Fans can not post videos, only artist & labels You will get an error message if you try.

Read This Page Then Add Your =>  Video Post  <=

 Do Not Post If You Have Not Read The Directions First!


You have to be signed in to post.

Your post should look and be structured like one of our Live Music Video that is already posted.  Your post should look like something you would read in a magazine. The home page of our site is meant to look like a magazine to promote your music and once inside is a full music social network.

Here are the directions for posting but there is also a video at the bottom of this page that shows us posting a example music video.  It is really easy to post your videos on our network.  Once you read all this, Click on the link above to post your video.  On the next page you will find a page editor.

Look to the right column on the next page.  Under categories check off the video category and what kind of music video it is.  If you do not do this step it will not show up in the category feeds for your genre of music.  We only allow one category to be check off.  We always get post submitted with all the categories checked.  We do not have time to look to see what type of video your posting.  We simply will uncheck all and put your post under the un-categorized field.

In the title Area type:   =>    Music Video:  Then Put The Title Of Your Video

Then Go to the box and type a very short description about your video.  Do not make your description to long.  But it needs to be at lease 4 to 5 sentences because your video itself will not show up in our feeds.  You need a description for your post.  The feed will show your title and discription and link to your post.  When they click on the link it will take them to the page where your video is located.  So write something that will sell your video.  The main page of the site is meant to look like a magazine.. so write your description like something you would read in a magazine or newspaper.

After you finish your description click on the “Text” tab and paste your code you got from youtube or other video platform.  Some media platforms you can just post your media link and our system will auto generate the code for it.  But you still need to post the link under the “Text” field where you post html code.  Youtube is the better platform to use because we can also feature some of that music in the player on the main video page.  After you post your code tab back to visual and under your video type your PortalTaxi Music profile page address and a link to it. You will not see your actual video just a outline of it. If your not sure how to get your code from your provider see our help section.


Do Not Break Copy Write Laws.  Content must be your own original content or content you have the right to play, publish and or re-produce.  You must agree to our rules and terms before posting content.  There is a link at the bottom of the web site.

If your music has explicit content you can not post it here, but you can post it => here.

Your welcome to use the comment area if you have questions about posting your video.

Here Is A Video That Shows a Music Video Being Posted.  

It will be easier to see if you make it full screen.  This shows us posting a html code. If you’re posting a video you can do the same thing but you do not need the entire code,  just put the youtube share link and our system will auto generate the code.  But you must post it in the “Text” area like we did with the html code.  This video show our old site design but it is the same concept for posting code.  Post all code it the “Text” area or it will not work.




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  1. So you can only post live music videos? I create music videos and the y are not live.

  2. I am not sure what you mean by that. As long as they are featuring your music and entertaining we will post them. Please be sure to follow the format and put a description of the video before it and a link to your page after it. The video has to be embedded and not just a link to it. You can take a look at the other videos already posted to get an idea of how to post it. If that does not answer your question contact us directly and I will try to help.

  3. Did the video according to the video. Is it reviewed first before being posted?

  4. Yes.. we review anything that gets published on the Home Page before it goes live.

  5. How do artists get featured on your site?

  6. When you post a video by following the directions on this page it will get featured on the home page and under the category area… we feature videos, playlist, blogs and press release. Just follow the “Submit Music” link in the top menu.

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