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Fans can not post press releases.  Only artist and labels can.  If you try you will get an error message.

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Rules / How To Post Your Press Release

Do you have a press release that is about music?  You’re welcome to submit it.  Just be sure it is in press release format.  If you just write a couple lines forget it.  It has to be a professionally writen press release.  Have your contact info within it.

Start your press release with listed as the source:

( – Then complete your press release as you normally would.  and so on and on.  at the end be sure to have your contact info.

Your press release must be single space with all photo or image content wraped in the text.  Please do not double space, because it does not look good on our system.  Your press release also needs to be a couple paragraphs long.. not just a couple sentences.  That is not a press release and we will not approve it.  Tell the who, what, where, when and whys.  Remember to add key words into your release for search engines.  If some one is searching for what your reporting how would they type it into the search??  Add that wording into your post as much as possible.  It will help with search engines finding your post.

Be sure to check off the press release categories when writing your post.  It will not show up in our feed if you do not

Your press release will show up on your profile wall and in our rss feeds.

You should also add a link to your Portal Taxi music profile page, that way readers can see what else you have posted.

Anything you post on our music site will also show up on and in any sites that use our rss feeds.  It also gets auto posted to several of the social networks that we belong to.

You can not post part of your press release and then give a link to its location some where else.  You must post the entire press release on our site and it must be written like a press release.

What is the correct press-release format?

Click here for a guide on another website that has a good example to creating a press-release. You can also use press-release generators here and here.



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