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Music News: Harlequins Enigma Owner Announces New Solo Album

The seeker åge riisnes owner of harlequins enigma wants a new approach via a solo album to gain recognition in his work. “åge (own compositions) is now released via his distributor cdbaby. The collection which is a double album, is spread in multiple genres including hiphop, pop, dance, new age, electronica, soundtrack & rock. according […]

Music Playlist: Clubstream Pink Label, Get Ready To Dance!

Substream Music Group is showcasing their Clubstream Pink label.  Here are 10 hot dance and vocal house tracks with massive radio numbers. Be sure to check them out. Substream is an innovative music company and one of Sweden’s top label groups for electronic music.  The label’s main office is located in downtown Gothenburg on the Swedish Westcoast. […]

Music Video: Nite Away by Glen Alves aka G-Star

Nite Away, video and music by Glen Alves aka G-Star sings about dancing the night away.  This tune is an up-beat, head-bobbing song.  It has awesome beats, with a dance tempo that blends a little, rap with his dance beat on the break.  Stay tuned for more music coming soon from G-Star. Like G-Star on Facebook.com/glendor1  and […]

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