The Dark Unseen Drones are Behind Insomnia! Immundus new album!

The Dark Unseen Drones are Behind Insomnia! Immundus new album!


With a blend of ghost and horror music Immundus hasgiven all his fans Insomnia – and it is all just in time for Halloween.

“Like a psychopathic conductor, Duarte orchestrates a frightful and sinister dissonance.”- Elitarian Music Zine

(LØTEN, HEDMARK, NORWAY) October 08, 2014 – You can’t sleep… You lie awake as the bass and tone of a musical drone pokes and provokes the terrors from your soul. Ah, you must have Insomnia – the latest release from Immundus. Also known as Bruno Duarte, Immundus is a Norwegian-based dark ambient composer.

Drones and dissonance were just a few of the tools he used to create ­Insomnia – his fifth album to date.

Immundus has morphed into an innovative harbinger amid his cohorts. He has forged a stylistic amalgam he terms as “ghost and horror music.” Duarte expounds, “I’ve always been interested in the paranormal and the afterlife. To be able to write music about these subjects is a great thrill.”

Immundus crafts his music and instrumentation via inspiration from life experiences as well as horror movies. He offers insight to the creative process on Insomnia, “I first created the stories in my mind, the imagery. It was only thereafter that I set out to compose the music.”

Insomnia stands apart from Immundus’ previous releases primarily due to its focus – which is less on technical aspects – and more on emotively enticing instrumentation. The tracks merge together thematically and involve meticulous production, at times using even broken instruments to capture the perfect ambiance.

Within Insomnia, musical scores scream toward you with a constant tension. They are more like “scare-scapes” than soundscapes. This is perhaps why Immundus has been called a “pioneer of fear.”

Key songs on Insomnia include, “The Reaper Plays Violin,” with its hauntingly-dissonant cabinet grand piano and violin. “The Ancient Nightcrawler” is an ethereal exposé, highlighting Immundus’ uncanny ability to create a virtual scene in the listener’s mind. Also doused with Duarte’s doom are both “Welcome the Butcher,” and the title track, “Insomnia.”

There’s no cure for an Insomnia delivered by dark, unseen drones.

Bruno Duarte

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