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Today’s Featured Indie Artist!      #PTIMN

Here is our last couple featured indie artist on Twitter.  Please click on the link and check out their music and follow them on Twitter..  Read Below to learn how you can be featured next.

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If you where featured on this page and or you what to help promote our artist go here and  Re-Tweet As Many Featured (#PTIMN)  as you can. This is our group hash tag.  Stands for portal taxi indie music network.

How To Get Featured

You Can Gain Like Minded Twitter Followers with “Portal Taxi Music Featured Indie Artist”.  The people visiting are into Indie Music Like Yourself.

We are trying to help indie artist gain followers on Twitter. Featured Artist is designed to give artist a place to promote their music and we will give a shout out about your blog post from our Twitter account.  We have a lot but of Twitter followers and hope This will give us even more to help promote your music.  In case you did not know, When using the links we supply.. almost every post to our site is auto tweeted to twitter via a plugin we have install on our platform.  So be sure to follow us and re-tweet your post. To Be considered for a feature, you must write a short blog about your music and you must be active on the site.

How To Apply <= Click Here For Directions how to apply.  

How This Helps Other Artist To.  Everyone Should Be Doing This!

When you see a tweet like the one we posted below or one of our tweets that a members has re-tweeted you should re-tweet the post.. and then GO and Follow all the People who RT’ed that post.  Those people are like minded indie music followers, Just Like You!  We have learned that following the people who re-tweet is a great way to boost your followers.  This is how you do that,  This is a new feature and not alot of people might have retweeted the post yet.. but the more people like you who do.. the better this will get.

Your welcome to Tweet This:

RT if you’re INDIE MUSIC then follow the people that RT’ed This #PTIMN #IndieMusic

Above is an example of a tweet you may see from us.  You can Tweet that yourself at any time however when you see a tweet like that from us.. Be Sure to re-Tweet it so that other people from our system can find you. How to follow the people who re-tweet a post: Click on the tweet box so that it opens to show how many re-tweets there are.  Click where it shows the people who re-tweeted and another box will open.  You can then follow them.  You can even follow the people who Favorited if you want.  I do.

You can use this Twitter widget to Search for post with the #PTIMN hash tag. These are the Featured Artist.  Please Help and Re-Tweet As Many Of These Post As You Can.

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Our Favorite Tweets

A Shout Out To => @TC_FollowBack – If you want more followers from the general public visit him.  He build a system that gave me the idea I am using to help promote your indie music.  He has over 240,000 Twitter followers and its not just for music but for everyone.. check him out.. Very Cool.  My features are just for Indie Music.. his are for everyone. If your on Twitter, You need to go visit him=>

Do You Have Twitter Tips For Build A Good Following?  Share Them In The Comments Area Below!


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  1. Questions I figured I would get.
    Does this cost me anything? No
    What do I have to do? In short. Post a short blog about your music and Re-tweet the music blogs and tweets we post about on this page. That’t it.
    What are you trying to do here? This is something new I decided to try. I found another twitter account that has like 200,000 followers doing something like this and people seem to really use it a lot.. I thought maybe we can do some thing similar but with a indie music theme. This will give you an idea of what I am trying to do.. not sure if it will work.. but does not hurt to try.. : )
    If you have any other question or suggestions for this feel free to ask them here.. you can also direct message me.

    1. If you have been told that you’re going to be featured, follow this link and it will tell you what you have to do next.

  2. More Questions You Might Ask;

    Why does the title of our featured post look so funny?

    That is the tweet that is being sent out to twitter. When our site platform auto post to twitter it sends out the title of the post. I have your title set up so it will include am @ mention to your twitter page. It also has relevant hash tags and links to your post. When you get the notice of the tweet, you will because we have you mentioned in it. RE-TWEET IT That is what this is all about. You want your followers to see it also. Thats why you should also re-tweet the other featured artist because you want them to do the same for you. Help each other promote. That is what this is about.

    How does the auto tweet to twitter work?

    Well, actually a couple different ways. I am using 3 different methods to auto post our content to twitter. Because this is being generated from the platform I can not promise all post will get tweeted but I would say most do. Here is how it works. I have one plugin setup that auto post each new blog post. So when you post this featured post, or videos, playlist, press releases and blogs they all get auto posted. Posting status message does not get auto tweeted. I see some people post music and video into the status message area.. that is fine but it is better to use the links we supply for this. It will auto post as a status message for you. In addition to every new post being tweeting I have another plugin set up that tweets old post. I think I have it set up on 3 months. So it randomly post 3 to 4 older post per hour. It seems to post more recent ones more often. In addition to all that I made an rss feed via google to insert into this page to show the featured artist. That service also has an auto tweet function. It does not seem as good as the other ones I am using but.. I figured it can hurt. That feed only publishes the stuff you see in the feature artist list on the top of the page. The shorted post link it sends is something like go.. com its shorten but starts with go.. if you see a twitter post with the link starting like that it is the one google retweets.

  3. Your Welcome To post Links here To Your Twitter Page!

    Ok I will Start.. lol

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