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Feature Your Music In The Music Players On Our Site.

  • This is the music that auto plays when you visit the home page and it is featured on the radio page and most other pages from the bottom of the site. 

Offer A Free Download Of The Music You Submit

  • We will offer a free download to users and ask them to twitter or post facebook messages about you for the free download. 

Use Your Music in Podcast or Shows We Have Planed For The Future.

  • We are considering launching a indie talk show in the future.  Your music might be featured on the show.

    Want Your Music Featured?

Read More about it below…..

  • Would you like your music featured in the music player that plays on our home page and radio and available on most pages on the network?  We are looking for artist who will give us some free songs that would be available for free download to fans.  Any Music available in the player for download with be featured on the site.

    We will offer the free song download to fans and ask them to send out a twitter or facebook message about you in return for the free download.  We will ask them to share a link to your profile page on our site.  This will help promote your music and our network at the same time.  We think this could be a win win for both you and the music network.  Free promotion for both of us..  

    In the future as we grow we are considering starting a podcast or live stream show.  Your music might also be featured there.  We will give you credit for your music every chance we get.  We are all about promoting your music, because it promotes us.

    Member’s who share a lot of music with us and use the site a lot will be featured the most.  The more you help us the more we will help you.

    We will not feature music with explicit music in our player.

    The music must be your own.  You must hold the copyright to it or have permission to use it.

    Here is our Free song download idea:


    Submit Your Music Now


    If you know someone else who might like this please share.

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