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Submit Your News, Blogs & Press Release

How To Post News, Press Release or Blogs

If you’re not a member, You first have to Join the Site.

If you’re a member, once logged in you will see the black bar across the top of the site.

Hover on “+ New” and a box will open.  Click on “Post“.  A new editing page will open.  Write or copy your content in to the box.  In the right column click on the category that fits your post.  Tell us if your post is a news page, blog or press release.  You can only pick one category.  Under subcategories you can pick 2.  Do not list your post in a subcategory that it has nothing to do with.  If you do we will just delete your post.  Under tags you can list as many as you want.  Please use the ones that are listed first.  If you can not find tags to fit your content, then create some to fit it.  Your able to and we suggest that you do, upload a Featured Image for your post.  People are more likely to read your post when it has an image with it.  Once complete, send your post for review.  We will approve and publish it.

Once your post is approved it will publish to your PortalTaxi.net profile page and link back to your page.  It will be featured in our PortalTaxi.net Magazine and published in our rss feed network.  Other publishers can republish our content to their site.  This gives your post maximum exposure.  If you have a site, you’re also permitted to use our rss feeds to add content to your publication.

RSS Feed Syndication

If you have a website or blog that you publish content at, you probably have RSS Feeds for your site or page.  If you use wordpress, RSS is build into the site.  Then you definally have feeds.  We can republish your content via your rss feed.  We have a site dedicated to this.  To add your rss feed to our site please go to:  www.portaltaxi.net/rssfeed

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