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To Get Your Music Added To Our Music Store and sell your music from your profile page, You First Need To Have It On the platform.  The Music Store is powered by Amazon.  If your music is not already on don’t worry we will tell you how to get it there.

If your music is already on Amazon:

Once you have your music on Amazon we need the links to the music that you would like in our store.  In the comment area below please post links to your music on Amazon.  You will find directions above the comment area to add your links.


If you’re not already selling your music on don’t worry we will show you how to get it on their network.  They own a company called CreateSpace that provides a fast, easy, and economical way to distribute your music in CD and MP3 formats on and other channels without inventory or setup fees.  With the CreateSpace Disc on Demand model, CreateSpace produces your CDs as customers order, so you never have to predict demand or hassle with order fulfillment.  Your CDs are always in stock.

To join the Disc on Demand program, you’ll need to set up a CreateSpace account online.  Once your account is complete, you can start adding your albums for submission into the Amazon system. You can submit your content via their self-service digital submission tools or you can send them a copy of your CD, and they will ingest it for you. There are 3 main requirements for content delivery to CreateSpace:

  1. Metadata – Provided through our online submission tools
  2. Artwork – Booklet page scale: 4-32 pages
  3. Content delivery – Digital and physical delivery is possible

Once submission is complete your title will appear on within 20 days for sale to customers. Once it is on Amazon you can post the links for us and we will add it to our store.  You can sit back and relax once your title is available as it will remain 100% in stock unless you tell them to remove it.  There is no inventory management or media spike hassles to worry about – CreateSpace has you covered.

You can easily manage your account through their self-service tools that will allow you to pull sales reports, order promotional copies at discounted rates, and activate or deactivate albums at your own discretion.

Make your music available to millions of customers on-demand as a CD and MP3.  There is No setup fees and no inventory needed!  

Create Your Account 

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Note:  Someone Asked How Do I Get Paid?  You get paid from your Amazon account.  You will get paid directly from and Amazon pays from what they make from your music.  We get a % of any music we sell for Amazon.   We have a code built into our site that Amazon know that we sent them the music purchase. is a reseller for Amazon and Amazon pays you according to the agreement you have with them.  If your music is already on Amazon we can add it to our store.  It does not cost you anything for us to add it to our store. (You must be active on the site).   There is a space in your profile questions to add the Amazon link we will set up for you.

If Your On Amazon Post Your Amazon Links Below:

If your music is already on Amazon or once it is, please add a link to the comment area below to any music you would like us to offer in our music store.  Please add it like this…

Artist Name, the url to your amazon music store.

Artist Name, Song Name, (Type of Music, Rap etc) –  www.give us the link to your item on amazon .com

Please note: We update the music store every couple months and add stuff.  More active members will get top billing in the store.  If you’re never on the site you will not get top billing.  We decide who goes into the store and can remove you when ever we want.  You can always sell your music from your page.  To sell your music from your page, once you’re on Amazon we will create you an Amazon short link that we use to promote you in our store.  You can add the link to your PortalTaxi page.  It will give our music network credit for the sale.  Once we add you to our store you will be able to get the short link from there and add it to your profile page.





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  1. Larry Skye, Oceans, Instrumental New Age –
    Larry Skye, Spirits, Instrumental New Age –

  2. harlequins enigma – voices from the ethereal planes of the rain forests – 2013 – pop/electronic –

    harlequins enigma – voices from the suburubs of vienna – 2013 – pop/electronic –

  3. WeArtists, album “Everything is Fine, Nobody is Happy” (Indie Rock)

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