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Hermano Lobo – Welcome to the Wolfpack

My Name: Hermano Lobo

My Twitter Address: @Descalzos66

I have 260___ Twitter Followers. Please Follow me so I can get even more.

About my music: A multicultural British/Spanish band, Hermano Lobo is a project featuring members of various bands such as Tomania, Sold Out, The Caravinagres, and Tindersticks, who have just released their debut mini LP, ‘Moon Hole Bar’, (now available on most online platforms) which is getting airplay on radio stations in a variety of countries, and gaining great reviews as news spreads.

Hermano Lobo are a band that place no restrictions on style, uniting all genres including folk, pop, country, reggae, swing, rumba and rock to create their very own sound.

Live, Hermano Lobo use only natural sounds, employing voices, bass, acoustic guitars, bass, trumpet, violin and cello, not adding any digital effects whatsoever, something that they do employ occasionally on their recordings however.

The songs deal with topics such as the life of the emigrant, the death and secret burial of a neighbour’s goat in a small Spanish village, the burnt out old house by the side of the River Arga that may or may not be haunted, the importance of friendship, the figure of the Argentinian gaucho, or the characters that frequent one of Pamplona’s most infamous old town bars.

Hermano Lobo have created their music to be understood and enjoyed by everyone,and on those terms avoid an indulgent display of their ‘musicianship’ preferring instead to transmit a global atmosphere, full of subtleties.

Welcome to the Wolfpack.

My Hobbies: music, reading, film, socialising

My Web Site: www.soundcloud.com/hermano-lobo-navarra

My Facebook:www.facebook.com/hermanolobo.35

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MY PortalTaxi.net Music Page Address: http://www.portaltaxi.net/music/members/hermano-lobo/ 

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